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Our Story

Taglha is the Tibetan word for "Tiger-god". Tigers stand for Willpower, Personal Strength and Courage. If you wear a Taglha Bracelet you will be blessed with these Personal Attributes in your daily life.

About our Bracelets

The Taglha Bracelets are handcrafted by Tibetan Buddhist Monks during their daily mantra reciting. One bracelet itself takes about 45 Minutes to be crafted to its perfection!Taglha Bracelet, Sale, Men Bracelet

By being tied throughout the mantra rituals, these bracelets become talismans that are Charged with positive Energies that protect the wearer!

Every Bracelet has its own characteristics - We explain this on the Product page.


Why you should wear a Taglha Bracelet!

  • The Taghla Bracelets are Extremely fashionable and can get combined to almost every Style.
  • Surround yourself with Positive Energies wherever you are.
  • Meaningful Tibetan Buddhism Item
  • We donate for each Taglha sold 2$ to the Snowland Children Foundation in Switzerland.
Taglha Bracelets are the perfect Good Luck & Blessing Present for your Family and Friends. So consider getting more than One !

You can take part in our Project! 

Thank you !

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